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ICADS© Management, Consulting, and Training (IMCT)’s services help you improve any level of organization & management in both the private and the public sectors. IMCT helps you, in particular, prevent and/or resolve management crises. The following list of services is certainly not exhaustive as each case deserves a specific diagnostic before capacity strengthening requirements are determined.

“S.O.S.” Management® to help mitigate and resolve crises that challenge managers at all levels

Management and Globalization : winning impacts and strategies both in the public and the private sectors

Public policies: State reforms and public administration modernization, design, implementation, related training, evaluations, public strategies

Assistance to the decentralization and privatization processes : analysis of organizational implications and of the required management upgrading

Organization and reengineering : human resources, performance, accountability, result contracts, ethics

Public enterprises management: reforms to adapt to new policies and programs, e.g. in joint ventures with the private sector, corporate management culture

Local governments and public administration sub-national public administrations, institutional capacity analysis and development, supervision of autonomization processes

Change management: strategies, design, implementation, and supervision

Research and installation: trends and other studies, needs assessment and implementation, strategies, education, training, competitive intelligence, knowledge management, society of information, intranets, extranets

International organizations and NGOs: new paradigms, design and implementation, new relations with member countries and NGOs